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Susan Isaacs’s literary debut, Angry Conversations With God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir, was named a Top-Ten Religion Book of 2009 by Publisher’s Weekly and Relevant Magazine.

The story begins when Susan hits 40 and finds herself loveless, jobless, and living over a garage. When a church friend tells her she needs to look at her relationship with God like it was a marriage, Susan decides to take God to marriage counseling. It’s been an interesting relationship, that’s for sure:

I was raised Lutheran: Bible-believing, Jesus-loving Lutheran. But as an adult I tried everything: Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Rock ’n’ Roll Slackers 4 Jesus, Actors for Yahweh. Then I said, “Screw it,” and became a drunk and a slut. (Well, a Lutheran slut—there were only two guys). Then I got sober and into AA, where I could pick whatever God I wanted. But I didn’t pick God; God picked me. I’ve known him as long as I could remember …

In counseling Susan casts herself as the neglected wife and God as the deadbeat spouse, while skewering American Churchianity. But soon she must admit the god in her head is not the real one. Is she willing to love the real God, “for better or worse?”

Isaacs toured with author Donald Miller and performs a solo show based on the book. Angry Conversations now available in paperback and on audio with the voices of Susan, Tony Hale, Scott Brick, and Dale Inghram.

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  • “Funny, biting, earthy and brillant.” Publisher’s Weekly
  • “If King David were a woman, and funny, he’d be Susan Isaacs. — Donald Miller.
  • “A brilliant comic idea.” — Jim Gaffigan, actor and comedian.
  • “Like “The Shack” for the rest of us.” – CBN

More Praise for Angry Conversations With God

“If King David were a woman, and were funny, he’d be Susan Isaacs. And the thing about this book is: it surprises you. There are lines in it you won’t see coming. You’ll be handing this book to somebody else about a month from now, thinking ‘maybe this will help them understand me.’ You’ll do that because it helped you understand yourself first.” — Donald Miller, New York Times bestselling author of Blue Like Jazz.

“God in couples counseling? Sounds sacrilegious, but in the adept hands of comedian, writer and actress Isaacs, it’s a success. Isaacs reached bottom at age 40: no job, no boyfriend, no home. Of course, she blamed God. So off they went to counseling with the ever-patient therapist Rudy… Isaacs goes on a Job-like search for explanations from God, but instead finds the problem to be her. She’s funny, biting, earthy and brilliant.” — Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review, and a Top Ten Religion Book of 2009

” A brilliantly funny, fearlessly honest, and deeply moving account of one woman’s search for God and man, not necessarily in that order. Fun fact: There’s more truth in this book than there are lies in James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces.” — Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and keynote speaker at Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast, 2012

“Susan’s brilliant comic idea of taking God to couples therapy is a terrific framework for the story of her personal journey of faith.” — Jim Gaffigan, actor and comedian.

“Face it, folks, the church is made up of messed-up people all trying to deal with life. I appreciate writers like Susan who creatively face their issues with honesty and humor. Angry Conversations is a really fun read!” — Tony Hale, actor

“Angry Conversations with God has hit a nerve with a brand of evangelical that favors authenticity over authority and messy narrative over formulas for success.” — Christianity Today

“Isaacs is raw, real and laugh-out-loud funny. Isaacs’ honesty and disarming humor about darkness, church and issues around alcohol, eating disorders and sex, pull the reader deeper into her story. Isaacs is transformed when the “God” in her mind is replaced by the real God of love and she rediscovers grace.” — Relevant Magazine, Top 10 Books of 2009

“This book is no Hallmark card: it’s an invitation to eavesdrop on a real conversation that Susan has the guts, grit and vulnerability to let us in on. You will turn the last page and find yourself ready to take another look at the conversations you’ve been having – or might need to have – with God.” — Bob Goff: author of Love Does; founder of Restore International, Honorable Consul to the Republic of Uganda.

“A well-written and edgy memoir” — World Magazine

“Angry Conversations with God is one of the most entertaining books I have ever read. [It] kept me smiling all the way through to the end. Reading this book was like watching a really funny movie: it’s sort of a “rom-God-com,” with a few explosions throughout – though those are mostly Susan ranting about life to her co-star who’s pretty good at holding His own.” — Dean Batali, writer/producer, “That 70s Show,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

“Every so often one reads a book in which you know the author totally gets it … this book has the dialog we all wish we could lob at the Almighty.” — Julia Duin, Washington Times

“Like “The Shack” for the rest of us…a hilariously honest spiritual memoir” – CBN

“My mom always says it takes an exceptionally bright mind to be funny. This book is what happens when a comedian writes a spiritual memoir. Susan can articulate moments that defy words, say things most of us wouldn’t dare to say, and make you ache deep down and laugh out loud.” — Kristin Armstrong, author of Happily Ever After, Work In Progress

“The words on the pages of this book are a clear glass window on Susan’s soul. Grace invades and transforms the soul when we tell God the truth, and the only way to be truthful is to develop this kind of clear glass window. Grace abounds in this book because truth is told.” – Scot McKnight, author of The Jesus Creed, Professor in Religious Studies at Northpark University, Chicago IL

Angry Conversations with God is snippy and snarky, and a deeply touching, powerful book of hope! Isaacs has the courage to write what we’ve all felt at times in our spiritual journeys. This candid, thoughtful, laugh-out-loud funny book will help you realize you’re not alone! So bring it on and get real: God can take it!” — Nancy Stafford, Actor, Speaker, Author of The Wonder of His Love and Beauty by the Book

“Susan’s story is like an evening of great improv. You’ll laugh until you cry, and sometimes you’ll simply cry. May Susan’s courageous book be a balm to all readers who look beyond their lost dreams and listen for God’s voice.”
Doug LeBlanc, contributing writer to Christianity Today and

“For years Christians have claimed they felt married to God; so if you are mad at God, so doesn’t it sound reasonable to take him to counseling? What Susan reveals from those counseling sessions is worth every moment you spend in her book; Angry Conversations with God is Girl Meets God meets The Shack. Curl up on your couch and devour every page!”
Victorya Rogers, author and speaker


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