Lent March 20 – Signs of Spring

I’m pretty sure the only way I’m able to keep up this Lenten Joy Search is that I’ve gone off Facebook and rarely read the news. Obviously, neither are long term solutions. Play Ostrich in The Sand long enough, and one day you’ll be brought before a tribunal and asked why you didn’t speak up about X. Come Easter Monday I may share a piece of my mind. But I’m biting my tongue until then.

So, joy. Spring is popping up. This fall’s rain officially ended the drought in most parts of California. And right now the deserts are alive with a #Superbloom. According to one tweeter, a park ranger is calling it #flowergeddon. Of all the #geddons we’ve lived through, this is one I can live with.

I didn’t have to go to the desert to see the signs of spring. My friend Judy and I went on a walk in our town in the late afternoon, just before dusk. The cacti were blooming or on the cusp of doing so.  The Pittosporum were over, but now the citrus trees are blossoming. Both Judy’s and my mom were flower lovers, and between the two of us we could name a good deal of the color riot going on. It made us both miss our mums, who have gone on, no doubt where they’re enjoying superblooms 24/7. If time or days are a thing there.

In Colorado, my sister’s dog is ecstatic the snow has melted and he can finally go back to attacking the hose while she’s watering.

These photos won’t erase the insanity or uncertainty going on. But remember that this, too, happens. And will continue happening long after you and I have died. That is, if we don’t destroy it first.




  1. Thank you so much, Susan, for your thoughts and especially for the photos. I moved last year from Colorado to the East coast and miss the gorgeous vistas that are in the photos on your blog site! Wow~ Thank you for the memories! And you are right. We can hide for short periods to maintain our sanity but we must emerge again to “fight the good fight” which we are called to do despite and because of the world’s insanity! You know the motto of Glen West: “Beauty will heal the world!” I remember you from your Solo show at the Glen West in 2014. I met you after the evening show and you were so encouraging to me. Blessings on your own personal journey! Mimi

  2. It is so good to hear from you on a regular basis – whether it is joy or something closer to the core. Mr. T.

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